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Perceptum Features



The employee management portal allows it to be configured to the image of your company's reality, thus allowing the positions that employees occupy in the organization to also have continuity in the platform.

Among the main features of the platform, we highlight:

  • Employee management
  • Schedule management
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Input and output tolerance configuration
  • Holiday and government-determined holiday management
  • Vacation days management
  • Work leave management

Depending on the user profile, the attendance control platform assigns different types of access and visibility:


Access to the calendar, through which they can consult information regarding their holidays, absences and submit new requests for absence.

Area managers

Management of requests submitted by your employees in real time, through a notification. The software allows you to alert your team manager to overlaps in the calendar, thus ensuring the efficiency of the department.

Advantages of implementing a Management Software for Attendance and Punctuality in your company

  • Analytical accuracy that makes most calculation errors impossible
  • Efficiency of the entire employee access control process
  • Compliance with labour law
  • Sustainable solution for the environment

Biometric compatibility



Perceptum can be configured with any biometric time attendance control hardware.

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