Syndicater Billing is a billing software oriented to the banking sector and covers the entire life cycle of commissions, sales and services - registration of entities and periodic commissions, communication to stakeholders and accounting according to the bank accounting plan.
The banking platform allows invoicing in a centralized way, controlling outstanding amounts, including sending information to the SAFT system.

Features that will drive Bank Billing

Features that will

drive Bank Billing

Features that will drive Bank Billing

Agenda and entity management

The Syndicater Billing dashboard allows for the management of daily tasks as well as effective management of the various entities with different positions in the process.

Invoicing and credit notes

For the internal invoicing procedure you can configure several company codes. Using automation, you can generate multi-line invoices with the respective periodicity configuration and calculation method.
You can easily access the current account and invoices in both EUR and foreign currency.

Imports and reports

It will now be possible to import massive entities and invoices via a pre-formatted Excel file and also extract invoice documents, credit notes, receipts and SAFT files. Issue customized reports according to the needs of analysis, outstanding invoices, extract movements, etc.


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In accordance with the most recent Data Protection General Regulation, in effect since May 2018, your application cannot be considered if you do not accept the respective Authorization for processing of personal data.

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IMS Policy

This Policy results from a set of principles that constitute the core of our Organizational Culture, and that reflects our Mission, Vision and Values. Within the main pillars, the following stand out:

In summary, our IMS Policy is based on the following 9 commitments:
1. Stakeholder satisfaction and compliance with their requirements
2. Flexibility and autonomy
3. Development of our human resources
4. Compliance with applicable legal requirements and the standards of the Integrated Management System
5. Ensuring information security with confidentiality, availability and integrity
6. Continuously improving the efficiency of our operation and the Integrated Management System
7. Monitoring of risks
8. Stimulating a culture of creativity and innovation
9. Follow-up and monitoring of technological development


Ficha de Projeto 1

compete 2020

Projeto n.º | POCI-02-0752-FEDER-020910

Apoio no âmbito do Projeto de Incentivos | Projetos Individuais – Internacionalização

Designação do projeto | Promoção Internacional da Match Profiler e do On Time Optimizer

Objetivo principal | Reforçar a competitividade das pequenas e médias empresas

Região de intervenção | Aveiro

Data de aprovação | 2016-09-06

Data de início | 2015-10-01

Data de conclusão | 2019-02-28

Custo total elegível | 254.555,00€

Apoio financeiro da União Europeia | FEDER 114.549,75€

Objetivos, atividades e resultados esperados/atingidos: O presente Projeto de Internacionalização tem permitido à Match Profiler promover a sua atividade no mercado externo através da participação em feiras, viagens de promoção e prospeção e da realização e implementação de estratégias de marketing.
A promoção da atividade da empresa a nível internacional tem permitido angariar um maior número de clientes ao promover a sua oferta além-fronteiras.

Objetivos, atividades e resultados esperados: O presente projeto tem por objetivo a capacitação empresarial da Match Profiler para a Internacionalização, com vista a promover o aumento das suas exportações através da aplicação de novos modelos empresariais e de processos de qualificação para a internacionalização.
O projeto prevê investimento em conhecimento dos mercados externos, promoção da marca, prospeção e presença nos mercados internacionais, marketing internacional e novos métodos de organização nas práticas comerciais, reforçando a competitividade global da Match Profiler, com o objetivo de aumentar a intensidade das exportações.

Evento tecnológico com participação da Match Profiler

Ficha de Projeto 2

compete 2020

Designação do projeto: PARC - Plataforma de Avaliação Automática de Risco de Crédito

Código do projeto: POCI-01-0247-FEDER-038319

Objetivo principal: Reforçar a investigação, o desenvolvimento tecnológico e a inovação

Região de intervenção: Aveiro


Data de aprovação: 2018-08-27

Data de início: 2018-07-01

Data de conclusão: 2020-06-30

Custo total elegível: 377.129,62 €

Apoio financeiro da União Europeia: FEDER 247.570,75 €

Objetivos, atividades e resultados esperados: A revolução dos mecanismos tradicionais de financiamento iniciada nos últimos anos, fruto da crise financeira, deu origem ao surgimento de plataformas de crowdfunding e peer lending. E está prestes a receber um novo impulso com a entrada em vigor da diretiva PSD2. Estamos a chegar a uma convergência tecnológica, social e normativa que cria as condições ideias para o surgimento de plataformas inovadoras. O estado atual dos algoritmos de Machine Learning em conjunto com a disponibilização do histórico financeiro proporcionado pela aplicação da diretiva PSD2 vai permitir que a avaliação de risco possa passar a ser feita de uma forma automática ao invés do que acontece hoje em dia em que a avaliação é feita diretamente por um analista.
A plataforma PARC tem como objetivo a criação de serviços e aplicações que avaliem de forma automática o risco associado à concessão de crédito e disponibilizem essa informação diretamente a particulares B2C ou fintechs B2B. Os cenários de aplicação são múltiplos, desde a concessão de crédito nas plataformas de peer lending, à obtenção de financiamento para compras em prestações, passando pelo aluguer de casas. A avaliação de risco ocorre não só na concessão, mas também durante a sua vigência para monitorizar o risco de incumprimento ou o risco associado à extensão de crédito.


Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy has been developed to clarify how personal data are processed, taking into account the principles and rules deriving from European and national legislation on the protection of personal data, in particular Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016.

a) What is meant by personal data and its processing?

"Personal data" means information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person ("data subject"); an identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier, such as a name, an identification number, location data, electronic identifiers, or one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person;
"Processing" means an operation or set of operations which is performed upon personal data or sets of personal data by automated or nonautomated means, such as collection, recording, organisation, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, limitation, erasure or destruction.

b) Who is responsible for collecting and processing your personal data?

The responsibility for collecting and processing your personal information lies with Match Profiler.
MATCH PROFILER - CONSULTADORIA E DESENVOLVIMENTO DE SISTEMAS DE GESTÃO, LDA., legal person no. 504642251, with headquarters at 3CE - Centro de Conhecimento, Competências e Empresas - Rua 25 de Abril, no. 313, 4520-115 Aveiro - Portugal and office center located at Praça do Duque de Saldanha, no. 20, 1º Dto, 1050-094 Lisbon - Portugal.

c) What are the principles applicable to data processing?

Data processing shall be carried out in accordance with the principles set out in the General Data Protection Regulation and other applicable national and European legislation, in particular:

- Principle of lawfulness, fairness and transparency: The processing of personal data is only lawful when there is a basis for lawfulness, namely:
a) Compliance with a legal obligation;
b) Pre-contractual arrangements or the execution of a contract;
c) When the Data Subject has given his/her consent, i.e. through a free, specific, informed and explicit expression of will, by which he/she accepts, through a declaration (in writing or orally) or unequivocal positive act (by filling in an option), that the Personal Data will be processed;
d) Defence of the Data Subject’s vital interests;
e) Legitimate Interests.
Match Profiler, as the controller of personal data, takes appropriate measures to provide the data subject with information relating to the entire processing process in a concise, transparent, intelligible and easily accessible form, using clear and simple language.

- Principle of Purpose Limitation: Personal Data are only requested for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes, and may not be further processed in a way incompatible with the original purposes.

- Principle of Data Minimization: The Personal Data, object of processing, must be adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary for the purposes for which they are processed.

- Principle of Accuracy: Personal Data must be accurate and updated whenever necessary. As for inaccurate data, all appropriate measures must be taken so that they, taking into account the purposes for which they are processed, are deleted or rectified without delay.

- Principle of Retention Limitation: Personal Data should not be retained for longer than is necessary for the purposes for which they are processed. However, personal data may be retained for longer periods provided that they are processed solely for archival purposes of public interest, or for scientific or historical research or statistical purposes.

- Principle of Integrity and Confidentiality: Through the adoption of technical or organizational measures, Personal Data must be processed in a way that ensures their security, including protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing and against their accidental loss, destruction or damage.

d) How are your personal data collected and what kind of data are collected?

When you visit Match Profiler Website, your IP address is analysed to get an indication of the country you are in for language preference. After this query, neither the IP nor the language preference is stored in the Match Profiler database.
The user can browse the Website without any restrictions and is not obliged to provide Match Profiler with any kind of personal data.
If you wish, you can fill out a form with the following inputs:
• Name
• Company
• Email
• Contact
• Message
From this moment on, the treatment of the Personal Data provided by the user will be carried out in compliance with the rules set out in the General Data Protection Regulations and other applicable national and European legislation and in accordance with the principles listed in subparagraph c).

e) The security of your Personal Data:

Match Profiler makes its best efforts to protect Personal Data from any unwanted and unauthorized interference.
For this purpose, security systems, rules and other procedures are used to ensure the protection of personal data and prevent unauthorized access to data, improper use, disclosure, modification or dissemination, loss or destruction.
Access to your Personal Data is only permitted in the terms explained above and always with your consent and knowledge.

f) Time of retention of your personal data

Match Profiler only keeps personal data for as long as is strictly necessary to fulfil the purpose for which they were collected.

g) What are your rights as a personal data subject?

As the personal data subject, you are guaranteed a set of rights with regard to your personal data, in particular:

Right of Information - The data subject has the right to obtain confirmation from the controller as to whether or not personal data concerning him/her are being processed, the purposes of processing, the categories of personal data concerned, the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the personal data have been or will be disclosed, and the retention period;

Right of Access - The personal data subject has the right to access them at any time.

Right to Object - The right to object at any time to the processing of personal data concerning you, in accordance with the RGPD;

Right of Rectification - The data subject has the right to obtain without undue delay from the controller the rectification of inaccurate personal data relating to him/her. Having regard to the purposes of the processing, the data subject has the right to have his/her incomplete personal data supplemented, including by means of an additional declaration.

Right of Limitation - Under certain conditions, the data subject has the right to limit the processing of his/her personal data;

Right to Erasure - The data subject has the right to obtain from the data controller the erasure of his/her personal data without undue delay;

Right to Portability of Your Personal Data - The subject has the right to receive personal data concerning him/her which he/she has provided, in a structured format, of current use and automatic reading and to transmit such data to another controller without the controller to whom the personal data were provided being able to prevent it.

The right not to be subject to decisions based solely on automated processes having legal or other significant effects.

h) Sharing Personal Data

Match Profiler does not disclose any personal data of its clients and users to third parties without their consent, except: a. when it comes to Group companies;
b. when it is necessary for employees, suppliers or business partners to provide a product or service, or perform a function on behalf of the Match Profiler;
c. in fulfilment of legal and/or contractual obligations. In these cases the Personal Data may be transmitted to judicial, administrative, supervisory or regulatory authorities and also to entities that lawfully carry out data collection actions, fraud prevention and combat actions, market or statistical studies.

i) Transfer of Personal Data to Third Countries or International Organizations

Match Profiler may transfer personal data collected to a third country outside the European Union ("EU") and not included in the list of countries which the EU has already assessed as meeting adequate levels of personal data protection. In such cases, it will ensure that such transfers of personal data are carried out in strict compliance with applicable legal standards for the protection of personal data, in particular those arising from the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data ("GRPD").

j) Change of Privacy Policy

Match Profiler may at any time change, add or delete the Privacy Policy of its website,, by updating this content. You may also exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by sending an email ( to Match Profiler.
You are advised to consult the Privacy Policy whenever you provide Match Profiler with personal data.

This Policy was revised and updated on 27 July 2020.


Authorization for Processing of Personal Data

By sending my CV, I declare that I give my consent to:

a) To proceed with the collection and processing of the personal data of the Declarant, included in the Curriculum Vitae (hereinafter CV), which will be delivered to Match Profiler, as Candidate, for the purpose of the Recruitment and selection of the Declarant, to provide work in clients of Match Profiler;

b) Communicate the declarant's personal data to clients who are interested in the profile of the Declarant;

The Declarant hereby acknowledges, and hereby declares in writing, that:

i) All personal data collected will be processed by Match Profiler to whom they are provided and only to these are intended, being available to be consulted, edited or deleted at the request of the Declarant;

ii) Personal data will be stored and maintained in a computer database whose security responsibility is of Match Profiler through the Data Protection Officer (DPO), whose contact can be established through the electronic address:;

iii) The Declarant has the right, at any time, to access, rectify or even delete the personal data provided, which can be done by sending an email to, or by registered mail to be sent to the Match Profiler premises : Praça Duque de Saldanha, n.º 20, 1º Dto., 1050-094 Lisboa;

iv) The Declarant may object to the continuity of the processing of the data by Match Profiler and request its portability by sending an electronic message to, or by registered mail to be sent to the Match Profiler premises: Praça Duque de Saldanha, n.º 20, 1º Dto., 1050-094 Lisboa;

v) The company Match Profiler has implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against accidental, unlawful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized access or unauthorized access, and against any form of illicit treatment;

vi) Only authorized Profilers of Match Profiler have access to the personal database, being bound to the duty of secrecy and confidentiality;

vii) The Declarant has the right to submit complaints to the entity exercising authority, supervision and control over any violation of the General Data Protection Regulation, which can be done by sending an electronic message to the electronic address or by registered mail to be sent to the Match Profiler premises: Praça Duque de Saldanha, n.º 20, 1º Dto. , 1050-094 Lisbon;

viii) In no case, the profile of the Declarant will be determined only automatically according to the data provided, and its treatment will be analyzed and selected by a profile manager;

ix) The Declarant confirms that if he expressly opposes the collection of data, his application profiles can not be considered for recruitment and selection purposes and will not be communicated to the Match Profiler clients;

x) The Declarant confirms that, at any moment, did Match Profiler express an interest in the collection of sensitive personal data of his person;

xi) If the Declarant spontaneously and voluntarily provides any sensitive personal data of his person, he can not impute any responsibility resulting from his treatment;

xii) The data provided will be retained by Match Profiler during the period of 10 (ten) years, during which time the profile of the Declarant will be forwarded to clients whose competencies are adequate to the one desired by them;

xiii) Match Profiler undertakes to comply with all legal rules contained in Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data (GDPR).

This Policy was revised and updated on 01/09/2021.


Cookies Policy

This Cookie Policy is part of our Privacy Policy. For more information on how personal data are processed and how they are protected please see our Privacy Policy.
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What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a website installs on your computer or mobile device when you visit it.
These files allow the website, for a certain period of time, to memorize your navigation actions and preferences, such as the username, the language chosen for navigation on the website or the settings for viewing it, so that when you return to a website you have already visited, you do not, in principle, have to repeat certain actions or enter your preferences again.

Types of cookies

Cookies can be divided into two distinct types:
(a) Session cookies – are cookies that remain on the user’s browser only for the duration of the visit, thereby disappearing as soon as the user leaves the website.
(b) Persistent cookies – are cookies that remain on the user’s browser for a certain period of time after the user leaves the website, unless he deletes them.

How are cookies classified on our website?

The cookies on this website have been classified into the following categories:
(1) Required Cookies accepted by default, as they are needed to use the site. The use of Google ReCaptcha is included in this category for protection against bots/ spam in our forms.
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(5) Acceptance Cookies: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads (these cookies are used for the marketing purposes of Match Profiler).


- Google Tag Manager - Tag management platform that allows for the implementation and update of tags and code snippets on the website quickly by means of only one interface. This tool only implements labels, whereby it does not capture any cookies, neither is any personal information collected. Google Tag Manager will activate other labels as needed, however, it does not access the details collected at any time.

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Online Publicity:

- Google Ads - Google publicity platform by means of which the advertisers may present their advertisements to the public.

- Conversion of Google Ads – This feature of Google Ads allows for the measurement of the success of publicity campaigns when storing a cookie on the device, by means of which a session is initiated on the website. The information gathered only allows for the knowledge that a given user clicked on an advertisement and was redirected to the website. No personal details are collected, which may identify users.

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- LinkedIn Insight Tag - This is a code snippet that allows you to acquire detailed information regarding the interaction of the public and, later, directs advertising based on the interaction made on this website. The information obtained with this code snippet is merely demographic, so it does not collect any personal information about users.

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This Policy was revised and updated on 27 July 2020.

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