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Why do listed companies have to meet with their shareholders?

Why do listed companies have

to meet with their shareholders?

Listed companies are responsible for holding shareholders meetings with the purpose of reporting on their performance during the previous tax year. During this meeting, the participants have the opportunity to question the executive management, answer questions, express their opinions and vote on the matters under discussion at the session.
Furthermore, it is at this moment that the company presents its objectives for the future, based on its past results. This meeting aims to increase the trust of the shareholders, strengthen relations with them and provide relevant information for investment decisions.
On the other hand, from a legal perspective, these listed companies must comply with legal obligations to meet with their shareholders, following certain established procedures and frequencies.

Benefits of using this management software for listed companies

Benefits of using this management

software for listed companies

A shareholders meeting management software provides significant benefits to listed companies. By using our technological solution, companies can improve their management efficiency and effectiveness, increase information security and, consequently, strengthen their corporate image on the market, strengthen relationships with shareholders and increase investor confidence.
It is important to note that this type of software is key to simplify and automate the process of holding shareholders meetings. In addition, the technology used in the solution provides greater transparency and security to the process, which is fundamental for strategic decision-making.
Thus, investing in this software represents a strategic and advantageous decision for companies that intend to optimise their management and establish closer and more reliable relationships with their shareholders and investors.

  • Greater efficiency
  • Our solution automates various stages of the process, such as the intention to participate, register and hold the meeting, reducing the need for human intervention and minimising errors.

  • Greater agility
  • The possibility of adopting a hybrid model for holding the meeting allows both face-to-face and remote participation, with all the inherent advantages of convenience, transparency, and coverage of the event.

  • Greater transparency in the process
  • Our shareholders meeting software provides a means for companies to clearly disclose important information about the meeting, such as quorum, voting results or other relevant data, which favours the increase of investor confidence and the consistency of the corporate image in the market.

  • Cost reduction
  • Both in the preparation and in the calling and holding of the shareholders meeting, our software allows you to optimise costs, since it presents a means that favours the flexibility of those involved.

  • Security increase
  • We are aware of the importance of information security, and we take this stance in the development of our software in order to ensure the confidentiality of the information of both companies and shareholders, avoiding possible data leaks or undue access, under penalty of possible sanctions or damage to the reputation of those involved.

  • Greater accuracy and precision in the information obtained
  • Based on technology, business decisions can be taken based on all the analytics that come from it, enabling more informed and reasoned decision-making, mitigating potential failures, very characteristic of conventional models, which are still poorly digitised.

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Our technological solution plays an important role in complying with the rules and regulations on information processing in this area, ensuring compliance with the internal compliance policies of companies, improving the accuracy and integrity of information relating to shareholders meetings, increasing transparency and accountability regarding corporate management practices.

  • Accessibility of voting rights
  • A solution for shareholder voting such as ours allows for new approaches and innovative ways to facilitate voting in a more conservative area and one which is still not very computerised in this type of participation. Likewise, the digitalisation of the process makes it possible that, even in distant geographic regions, the parties involved can be brought together in a common event, where their vote will also be validated.

  • Quick data collection
  • The technology in the processes allows instantaneity in obtaining the necessary data for the working sessions. Through the projection not only of results, but of all relevant data, stakeholders are now empowered to support their strategies.

  • Improvement in institutional communication
  • For the business, it means having in both its investment and communication strategies, a system capable of strengthening relations between the public investor and the operational management, through a technological and innovative solution in the executive decision spaces.

  • Customisation according to needs
  • In order to meet the specific needs of each company, our shareholders meeting management software can be customised according to the company’s corporate image.

What are the main features of Consilium

What are the main

features of Consilium

Dossier management

All the documentation necessary for holding the shareholders meeting is now managed in one place on a centralised basis, favouring full access to those responsible, which facilitates the cooperation of all those involved.

Attendance register

During the meeting, the integration of our software with Webex makes it possible to accurately ascertain attendance through telematic means, in addition to in-person attendance. The availability of early voting via application or by correspondence, completes the available information on attendances.

Remote access

In a shareholders meeting, given the circumstances that arise from the availability of the agenda, it is only natural that there may be incompatibility in bringing together all of the stakeholders in person. Therefore, and given the current global paradigm of collaboration between teams, our software allows the visualisation, live transmission and participation in the meeting in a 100% remote way, which is a great advantage for investors who own shares in geographically dispersed companies.

Electronic voting

The possibility of reconciling agendas is sometimes an obstacle to participation in general meetings. To facilitate the voting process, it is possible to vote in advance by electronic means, with the vote remaining pending until the necessary documentation is received.

Counting of votes

Once the votes have been collected, the software automatically counts them. As it is an entirely digitalised process, it avoids errors, thus guaranteeing the reliability and speed of the results.

Reporting and projection of results

Throughout the working session, our shareholders meeting management software generates reports and projects results. Among the information that can be displayed, all parties involved can view data on shareholder attendance, voting results, proposals, statistical analyses, allowing shareholders to make a truly informed management decision-making.

Information security

In order to guarantee the authentication and privacy of the stakeholders data, our software for managing shareholders meetings uses technology that prevents unauthorised access or the sharing of confidential information.

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