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Benefícios de ser uma empresa certificada

What are the benefits of being a certified business?

What are the benefits of being

a certified business?

  • Prestige and notoriety

  • Cost reduction

  • Optimized risk management

  • Increased level of stakeholder confidence

We support your company implementing the following certifications:

ISO 9001

Focused on constant improvement and achieving better results, ISO 9001 certification provides organizations with a more efficient operation, discovering and adopting strategies and raising new market opportunities, identifying and minimizing the associated risks.
This standard, which addresses all aspects related to Quality Management, may give companies a continuous improvement in service quality, greater competitiveness in relation to the business sector, reduction of both operating costs and associated risks and, in general, an increase in levels of trust by customers and employees.

ISO 45001

ISO 45001's main objectives are to ensure compliance with legal and other requirements, achieve occupational safety and health objectives and continuously improve occupational safety and health performance. This continuous improvement should be based on the adoption of effective prevention and protection measures, elimination of hazards and minimization of occupational safety and health risks, prevention of work-related health disorders and injuries, and providing safe and healthy workplaces.

ISO 14001

Environmental responsibility is currently a requirement for companies to remain on the market. Applicable across sectors, ISO 14001 certification aims to demonstrate your company's ability and commitment to continuous improvement in environmental issues.
By promoting environmental sustainability, the ISO 14001 standard will help your company to perform more sustainably and thus achieve increased confidence from customers, employees and the surrounding community.

ISO 27001

Internationally recognized in Information Security management, ISO 27001 provides companies in any business sector with the necessary methodology for effective management of all information considered critical to the company. In its genesis, this standard aims to provide companies with a set of requirements and processes capable of managing and mitigating the inherent risks.
Thus, all parties involved in business transactions will be protected with regard to information security, especially customers.

NP 4457

With application to companies with activities focused on research, development and innovation, the NP 4457 standard will be compatible with various types of entities in terms of size or area of operation.
Comprehensive to this new certification are the new products, services, marketing methods, organizational processes, or a combination of these.
The purpose of this certification is to ensure compliance with innovation processes, promoting continuous monitoring and results of organizational efforts.

Support in internal audits - technical and management

To ensure compliance, effectiveness and efficiency of processes, we have specialized auditors who will implement the audit process and internal management, thus identifying risks, non-conformities and opportunities for corporate improvement.

Metodologia de apoio à implementação nas empresas

Our methodology to support implementation in companies

Our methodology to support

implementation in companies

With Match Profiler's consultancy services and support to the implementation of reference standards, your company will benefit from a follow-up throughout the change support process, from its implementation to the follow-up/response to the audit by the certifying entity.

  • Start-up Meeting
  • Entity Diagnosis
  • Implementation Support
  • Training Actions
  • Internal Audit
  • Follow-up to External Audit

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