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Key features of the OTM Platform

Key features of

the OTM Platform

Project management

Each project can be configured by: states, types and phases. In management, you can attach documents and extract customized reports.

Task delegation

You can assign states and priorities to tasks, as well as move them between projects and group them. Through the project management portal, you can also apply multiple search filters in order to generate more detailed reports and export them. If you prefer, you can create e-mail alerts with project progress.

Ticket creation

In each project there is the possibility of creating ticketing with configurable parameters and imputation to departments. In the execution of the tasks, notifications will be triggered that will later be sent by email to the responsible department.You can also display an activity calendar and create a discussion board between employees who are members of a project.

Why choose OTM as Project Management Software?

Why choose OTM as

Project Management Software?

Intuitive interface

The OTM interface was built with the maximum efficiency and usability of your browsing experience in mind. In practice, employees will be able to spend more time on task resolution and project completion and less on initial configurations and training.

Development to fit your company

Each company has its own organizational goals. As such, it will have its working methodologies and its main KPI's, central to business development. OTM can be adapted to your company's needs.

Accessibility via the Web

Unlike other project management tools, the Ontime Task Manager does not require any installations or upgrades. The tool is accessed through any compatible browser, as it is a web application. Ideal for maintaining team productivity, even when working remotely.

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