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Meeting Point Features

Meeting Point


Meeting Room Scheduling

The room scheduling software allows easy scheduling according to the availability displayed in real time on the platform.

See availability of rooms directly on the tablet

In addition to being possible in the web application, employees can view the availability of a certain space in real time, directly on the tablet at the entrance of the room. In case it is being used, it allows to know at what time it will be free.

Check in system

The check in system allows a double check of the use of the meeting room. In this way, it is possible to ensure that the scheduled meeting rooms are actually used or not, and make booking cases that do not take place at the scheduled time impossible, preventing the holding of other meetings in the space.

Check out system

During a meeting, if the meeting is over before the scheduled time, it is possible to check out on the platform, thus making the room available to other employees, even if the booking was initially made for a longer period of time.

Platform customization

You can also customize the platform as well as the information design on the tablets according to your company's graphic standards, be it a logo, colour scheme or a personalized message.

Change of language

Select a language and the platform will replicate it on any device.

Usage history

For a more effective management of all company meeting spaces, Match Profiler's room booking software allows you to display usage statistics for a given period of time.

Advantages of implementing a Room Scheduling System in your company

Advantages of implementing a Room

Scheduling System in your company

Real time information

At each moment it is possible to access in real time the occupation of the meeting rooms and their availability.

Eliminates scheduling conflicts

With the interactive calendar feature, you can know exactly when a meeting room is available for booking. Even last-minute meetings without prior scheduling can take place without affecting the company's normal flow of activity, by simply consulting the times of other meetings taking place in real time.

Meetings without interruptions

Implementing a meeting room scheduling solution such as Meeting Point means the end of interruptions to ongoing meetings.

Full Web Accessibility

As it is an entirely web-based solution, you will be able to access all meeting room management features through any computer.

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