Quais os serviços de Assistência Técnica para empresas disponíveis?

Why is IT support important for your business?

Why is IT support important

for your business?

Technology is present in almost every aspect of organisations, from communication and data management to the production and sale of their products and services. Therefore, it is crucial for companies to have a capable and efficient IT support service in order to deal with technical problems and offer timely support. Preventive maintenance and problem solving can minimise interruptions, increase productivity and avoid the loss of important data to the structure.
In addition, IT assistance to companies can help identify and intervene in possible security vulnerabilities, protecting confidential information from threats and/or unauthorised access attempts. In short, this service is essential to ensure the proper functioning of systems and information security, helping to maintain the competitiveness of your company, whatever the sector in which you operate.

What are the operational benefits of IT assistance?

What are the operational

benefits of IT assistance?

Increasing the level of security

A computer support service allows your company to grow in terms of system and data security. Our specialised teams implement protection measures such as firewalls, antivirus and security policies. In this way, your organisation will be better protected against cyber threats and any vulnerabilities that could compromise the security of your digital data.

Greater capacity for innovation

With the support of our teams, your company can focus on strategic activities that add value to the business. We will manage the operational and maintenance of the systems, ensuring they are working correctly and in line with organisational objectives.

Cost reduction and ROI growth

Our IT support service makes it possible to reduce operational costs related to maintenance and support. In contrast, hiring an in-house team would require salary and training costs, which may jeopardise the financial viability of the investment.

Flexibility and scalability

We offer the flexibility and scalability to meet the needs of your business. Whether it's expanding your technology infrastructure, implementing new software or another imminent need, our services enable your company to grow in a solid and sustainable way, leveraged by disruptive digital power without having to worry about technological limitations.

Increased efficiency and productivity

By minimising downtime and ensuring your systems are performing at their optimum level, our IT support service enables you to obtain a significant increase in efficiency and productivity as you are guaranteed a rapid response in solving technical problems.

Increased availability for management

With our management of all technical aspects, your company will have more time for core responsibilities. Managers can then focus their efforts on strategic decision-making, planning and business growth.

Improvements in customer service

With IT systems running smoothly, your business will be better able to offer a responsive, quality service to your customers by meeting customer needs and providing a more positive customer experience.

Backups ensured

We advise you on the best way to safeguard the security of your company's critical data and, in the event of failure, loss or disaster, its recovery through the backup strategy best suited to your business, thus ensuring process continuity by preventing irreparable loss of information.

Continuous technological update

Our IT support teams are constantly up to date with the latest technology trends and advances. In practice, it means providing insights into the best practices to adopt in the digital environment and how you can improve your competitiveness and innovation capacity with technology as a key differentiating cornerstone.

Compliance with standards and legislation

Depending on each sector of activity, there may be specific security requirements to obtain compliance with standards, such as the implementation of security measures, access control and protection of sensitive information.

Available IT support services

Available IT

support services

Cloud management

Our cloud management services involve the configuration, monitoring and maintenance of AWS cloud environments. Cloud management ensures that resources are working properly - scaling as needed, ensuring data security and optimizing the performance of cloud-hosted assets.

Information backup

Information backup aims to secure copies of critical data and store it in a safe place. It is crucial to protect information against accidental loss, hardware failures, cyber-attacks or natural disasters. Our computer support services can include automated backup solutions to suit your company's needs.

Software implementation and maintenance

We support the implementation and maintenance of software in your company. Whether it's the installation, configuration or customisation of specific software, we provide ongoing support to ensure it is up to date, through to preventative maintenance to optimise its performance.

Technical training

We empower your company's teams to use systems and technologies efficiently. We believe that only through technical training can you maximise the value of your digital investments, ensuring that users are equipped with the right knowledge to perform their roles.

Software development

Custom software development meets the specific needs of organisations. From requirements analysis, design, web development and testing to the new solution, our teams create solutions adapted to your business.

IT Consultancy

IT consulting involves analysing, assessing and advising on a company's technology needs and strategies. We therefore help yours to identify, in an informed and planned way, opportunities for improvement, providing recommendations for optimising infrastructure, assessing security risks and implementing new system ideas.

Under which schemes do we provide IT support to companies?

Under which schemes do we provide

IT support to companies?

Full time

In this assistance scheme, in an IT outsourcing model, we dedicate a full-time specialised team to meet your company's needs. This means that we are available to provide immediate support, solve problems, monitor systems and guarantee the availability of the entire technological structure.

Bundle of hours

Through a bundle of hours your company benefits from a package of computer assistance hours that can be used according to operational needs. These hours can be used to solve problems, carry out updates, provide technical support or any other type of technical assistance. This scheme allows for a more flexible approach, suitable for companies with varying needs over time.

Monthly Agreements

On a monthly retainer basis, we establish a contract to provide computer assistance services for a fixed monthly fee. This scheme is ideal for companies that value financial planning, while ensuring access to assistance when needed.

One-off implementations

We also collaborate with your company on a one-off basis, where the need may be for development, implementation, migration, updating or any other technical emergency. Ideal for companies that, not needing continuous technical support, may find opportunities for improvement or critical points that need intervention.

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