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What are the objectives of Embedded Recruiting?

What are the objectives

of Embedded Recruiting?


We align our know-how, coming from more than 20 years in technology, with the inputs from your business that only a close collaboration can provide. In this start-up phase our priority is to share ideas with managers and key decision-makers so that the entire hiring funnel can move smoothly, meeting the expectations previously outlined.


The ability to be close to your operation, where the business happens, will provide us with the insights needed to ensure that recruitment needs are met by the best talent and that this moves sustainably through the recruitment funnel. In practice, it means real-time support for the whole structure, keeping key players up to speed while they can really focus their efforts on what they're meant to be doing.


As important as finding the best professionals for your company, is keeping them in the operation, satisfied and with the feeling of being an important part of the future of the business. Only a talent retention strategy can mitigate any turnover rates that are often verified by the lack of monitoring, training or prospects for the future, based on an implemented career plan.

What are the benefits of Embedded Recruitment for your company?

What are the benefits of Embedded Recruitment

for your company?

  • Access to talent pool
  • Our experience of more than two decades in the technology market gives us access to a network of contacts from which we can draw promising references for a pool of skilled candidates.

  • Cost reduction
  • The traditional approach to recruitment, where the search and hiring happens internally, without the intervention of experts, may represent high costs for the temporary allocation of professionals to this area, compromising the normal flow of daily operations.

  • Efficiency in hiring
  • One of the most relevant premises in Embedded Recruiting is the possibility of aligning objectives between the expert in the recruitment area and those who know most about your operation and what you really need. Once the concepts and purposes for the future have been brought together, hiring will be more assertive, with fewer constraints in its development, and may even take place in a shorter period of time.

  • Process control
  • Throughout the process, your company will be as active as you want it to be. The benefits are many, not only for the continuous sharing of knowledge about your sector, but also for real-time communication about the progress and effectiveness of the project.

  • Transparency in development
  • One of the best advantages of hiring an Embedded Recruiting service is the possibility of close monitoring at all stages of the project in order to receive first-hand insights into it and thus, if necessary, adjust the strategy, eradicating possible adverse scenarios resulting from inappropriate communication.

  • Employer Branding Optimisation
  • For the potential candidate, the corporate image of who is recruiting will gain consistency, even if there is total delegation of the process, since throughout the selection and recruitment cycle, and to all effects, the recruiting company will always be the client company.

  • Sharing know-how at scale
  • One of the basic principles of Embedded Recruitment is the possibility of hiring new professionals actively and with a leading role in the process, with the knowledge of experts in the field that only a present and constant position in the field can ensure.

  • Improved candidate fit
  • A profile that does not gather the necessary knowledge and experience for the position may represent inefficiencies along the recruitment funnel. It means time and resources that may be allocated in a less advantageous way, by the need to restructure the process with other more relevant profiles. An effective survey of the criteria and a respective selection of the profiles will guarantee the viability of the new hire.

  • Alternative proposal between Outsourcing and R&S
  • There is no perfect model or procedure, otherwise all companies would apply them in their recruitment processes. Therefore, one of the most relevant advantages of hiring embedded recruitment is the possibility to take advantage of what will be more beneficial between a collaboration in outsourcing and conventional recruitment through selection and recruitment, and therefore being situated between these two modalities.

  • Strategic support in recruitment planning
  • We believe that companies should be focused on their core business and concentrate their efforts on what really adds value to the entire value delivery chain in the business. Therefore, strategically delegating such a vital part as the one that determines the path to success - human capital, proves to be an assertive and sustainable decision for the future.

  • Return on investment optimisation
  • The current economic climate means that strategies must be effectively outlined in order to find the right balance between the projection and the resources allocated to a specific action and what effectively results from it. With embedded recruiting, there is end-to-end monitoring to achieve the highest return on investment, resulting in a positive ROI.

What is the difference between internal recruitment, agency recruitment and outsourcing and embedded recruitment?

What is the difference between internal recruitment,

agency recruitment and outsourcing

and embedded recruitment?

Internal recruitment

This model implies the hiring and development of a recruitment team, in the event that this does not exist, to follow up on the subsequent processes. In a new structure, composed of an internal recruitment team, besides representing a fixed cost in the operation, training will be necessary in order to have a valid understanding of the culture and needs of the business.

Agency recruitment

Very present in the business panorama, agency recruitment happens when a company, either due to lack of structure, resources or time, delegates the new hire to third parties who actively seek the most suitable profiles for the reality of their organisation, based on their know-how and on the inputs collected in the requirements survey phase.


A model that has gained traction globally and in different business sectors is based on contracting external services to carry out operations, tasks or processes in strategic areas in which there is no internal knowledge, thus ensuring the continuity of the company's competitiveness. Thus, outsourcing allows an integral part of your company's structure to be outsourced, without having to resort to new internal hiring.

Embedded Recruitment

This new model of collaboration in contractual processes offers some of the main benefits of the models mentioned before. If, on the one hand, the experience of companies in the recruitment area can mean a positive premise for finding the ideal candidate, on the other hand, the absence of in-depth knowledge about your business and about the operational sector where your company operates may be the agents responsible for eventual failures in meeting the deadlines and/or budgets previously established. This scenario can also lead to the imminent failure of recruitment. Thus, the composite solution offered by embedded recruitment privileges companies with the opportunity to obtain a vast experience in the selection of highly qualified profiles, aligned with the culture of your company, that only a close collaboration can make possible.

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