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Advantages in implementing Software Tailored to your Company

Advantages in implementing

Software Tailored to your Company

Unique software as needed

Conventional software may be too generic to meet all your company's technological needs. From the survey of the requirements, fundamental points, particular to your operation, will be taken into account, which in turn will originate a software product fully framed with the needs of your organization.

Ease of adaptation and constant evolution of the software

With software development tailored to your business, it will be easier to increase new features and ensure the necessary upgrades for the project to remain innovative, thus following the evolution of your business sector.

Cost reduction

In the long run, maintenance and all possible enhancements to functionality may have less impact on costs, implementation time and resources.

Greater information security

A software solution developed from scratch presents a higher degree of security, as it will be built in the client's environment, thus having a significantly higher level of protection and confidentiality.

Perception of company identity

A generic technological solution may limit the operation. Your company's activity may be conditioned to platform specifications. With the use of custom software, your company will have one more competitive factor in that all the particularities that you want to be implemented, will be accessible.

What are the stages of custom project development?

What are the stages of

custom project development?


In this initial phase of the project, a survey is made regarding the human and technical resources for the development of all phases. According to the needs of each phase of the project schedule, a planning of internal and external project monitoring sessions will be designed. Essential to this phase will also be the definition of the criteria that ensure the positive validation of the software testing phase.

Implementation and development

Using our project management software OTM the tasks will be assigned to each project element at the beginning of each Sprint Planning, the same revised at the end of each print (Sprint Review) and a new planning for a new Sprint Planning will be done.

Verification and validity

In this phase of the project the installation and configuration of the software in the client's IT infrastructure is performed. Acceptance tests of the application will be carried out in order to ascertain compliance with the requirements and needs of the business.

Monitoring and control

At this point in the project, a monitoring and assessment of the management of the data structure as well as the adequacy of human resources allocated to the project are made. The project manager will evaluate the performance of the project on a regular and periodic basis.


This phase comprises the installation actions of the application in the production environment, as well as the project closure meeting. It is at this stage of software development that an analysis is made of the work carried out and the acceptance document is filled out.

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