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Syndicater Commercial Paper Features

Syndicater Commercial Paper


Entity management

Enter information about the different actors in the process, from issuers, investors and agents for an efficient management of contacts and bank accounts. Define deadlines, amounts, currencies and program plans.

Documentation management, management maps and agenda

Daily tasks can now be viewed together with associated events for more effective daily management. Important events in the commercial paper acquisition and maintenance cycle will give rise to an alert and targeted communications to issuers and subscribers of the financial product.

Simplification of emissions

The platform allows automatic processing of direct placement proposals as well as sales management within the secondary market environment. Emissions are now uploaded simply and auction results are automatically sent to players.

Securitization and responsibilities

Group several financial securities in the portfolio through an assignment to special purpose entities. The software also allows automatic maintenance and accounting of lines associated with commercial paper program responsibilities.

Commissions and invoicing

With Syndicater Commercial Paper it is possible to manage the accounting movements of commissions received, invoices, credit notes and domiciled commission receipts. On the SAFT system it is also possible to produce the respective outputs.

Emission orders

The operations of the operational department are now facilitated due to the pre-loading of emissions by the commercial department.

Reimbursement and guarantees

Even before the maturity date it will be possible to terminate the issues and generate an early repayment with the associated interest calculation. It will be possible to automate the reimbursement guarantees associated with the commercial paper as well as the respective stamp duty calculation and accounting.

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