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CAR SHARE Features



Simplified vehicle reservation

To make a reservation, the user can see all the available vehicles at his disposal. After selecting the one that best suits his route, he will be able to make the car reservation.

Assignment of vehicles to employees

In the backoffice, the vehicle or type of vehicles for specific users can be defined.

Customization with company branding

The platform interface will have a design that can meet the company's graphic guidelines and its operational needs.

Choice of destination in the app or portal

Whether in the application or in the portal, you can easily choose the desired destination and proceed to reserve the vehicle for the requested date by searching and choosing on a map.

Compatibility with Android and iOS

With the new application update, all Android and iOS devices will be able to run the application and grant access to all its features. Minimum Android version: 4.4 or higher. Minimum iOS version: 9 or higher.

Hitchhiking suggestion

To make the most of all the resources available to the company, the platform allows the sharing of rides to nearby destination locations. When making a reservation, an employee identifies the desired destination and dates. If on the same date, the platform finds a reservation for a nearby location, a notification will be issued for the possibility of sharing a ride with another employee. In practice, it will be possible to reduce costs and monetize resources.

Access validation on other platforms

The system can be integrated with other platforms already integrated into the company where access data is required to enter. Once integrated and validated, the employee doesn’t need to register for Car Share again to access the platform.

Creation of recurring reserves

If you need to make car reservations with regular recurrence, the platform allows a systematic scheduling over a long period of time.

Cancellation available anytime

If for any reason, the employee who created the reservation cancels the booking of the vehicle, the reservation will be free immediately. The platform will update the status to “available” during the time that was previously reserved.

Vehicle damage alert when verifying for damage

Before picking up the car, the employee must carry out a general inspection of the car before using it. If you detect any damage or abnormality, you can report directly to the application.

What are the Benefits of Using Car Share Platform in your Company?

What are the Benefits of Using

Car Share Platform in your Company?


Solutions that give companies maximum efficiency while reducing environmental impact are increasingly needed. In contrast to a conventional model, where paper is used for vehicle reservations control, our software allows the entire digitization, reducing costs and potential error scenarios associated with obsolete management models.

Cost reduction

Once the vehicle reservation is digitalized, the possibilities of error are minimized, as is the case of a possible overlap of reservations or the waste of resources that, in the operation, may represent higher operating costs.

Greater cooperation between employees

With our vehicle reservation solution, all company employees are involved in the established dynamics so that vehicle sharing is fast and accessible to everyone.

Resource optimization

With the possibility of generating vehicle usage reports, this reservation software allows greater efficiency in the management of resources at the service of the company, as it allows a detailed analysis of how the fleets are being coordinated. In this way by assessing the operational needs of your company, you can conclude whether there is an eventual scarcity of resources or, on the other hand, an excess.

Accountability in the case of incidents

Whatever the incidence, through our software it’s possible to identify which reservation was successful. Whether by an incident or improper use, any event that compromises the safety of the occupants and/or the normal functioning of the vehicle, will be registered and associated with the reservation that takes place during that period. An alert is then issued so that those responsible can take the necessary course of action.

How does the Car Share Platform Works?

How does the

Car Share Platform Works?



To start a reservation, the user must select one of the available options on the initial screen.



Before starting the trip, the vehicle will be validated, where any damages that may exist will be marked and submitted.


Key pickup

Once the PIN is entered, the dispenser will open automatically and the corresponding key to the reserved vehicle will be identified by a green light. Until this step, the cancellation of the car reservation is allowed.


On the road

This is the moment when the employee physically picks up the key, automatically changing the status to “on the go”.


Ending the trip

When you finish your journey and your trip is concluded, in this step, the system is immediately in the state of “verification”.



The user must again register the damage/incidences, selecting the specific zones on the vehicle map, the severity, the description and can also attach an image. Once this action has been confirmed, it will not be possible to register any further incidents on the vehicle referring to the current reservation.


Returning the key

Once the verification is completed, the vehicle key delivery PIN is displayed. The user must enter the generated PIN by the application in the key dispenser to trigger its opening. You must insert the vehicle key in any free position.


Reservation completed

Once the vehicle key is returned to the dispenser, the status of the reservation automatically changes to “completed”.

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