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We understand and envisage innovation as a concept, which enables us to develop new frontiers with a vision that is open to change. We adapt to new processes and new technologies that may have a meaningful impact on our current and future clients.

So we select 3 sectors as the main drives for innovation and growth in the following years:

A IoT is the corollary of low-cost sensors, computing power and dedicated networks. We're involved in key-projects that leverage the benefits of IoT in the medical and industrial sectors.

Big Data doesn't mean big companies, but big opportunities. The real challenge is discovering precious information in the layers of complexity and noise.

Machine Learning technologies provide for the discovery of patterns and tendencies under impossible conditions for human labour. At Match Profiler, we invest continuously in people and acquiring competences, so that we're prepared for any challenge.

We develop projects under the EU's Horizon 2020 initiative, having as target sector the development of social media datamining tools.