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IT Outsourcing Solutions

We manage several services in outsourcing, taking on high quality levels through advanced techniques:

  Professional methods of recruitment and selection
  Professional and motivational development of our collaborators
  Contract and administrative management of all our collaborators

We provide the necessary resources relative to the profile and technical demands of our clients' projects. Using outsourcing, our clients can reduce fixed costs and, at the same time, have access to professionals with soft and technical skills, ensuring that the team/department can achieve quality and speed in service response.

Our methodology guarantees that our resources have the desired skills to integrate our clients' projects. Besides validating technical competencies, we assure ongoing training for our professionals.

We help companies increase their results, through the reduction and flexibility of operational costs and risk sharing.

Technologies: Programming Languages & Frameworks ● QA/SW Testing ● CMS & Portals ● Mobile ● Integration (B2B, EAI) ● Database (DBMS) ● Reporting & BI